Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cous cous, hummus, and self-important assholes

i WAS going to rant about the batch of old money, west cary d-bags that took over cous cous this evening. extremely rude bunch of folks that were oblivious to sticking their ass in our face for the duration of dinner, using our dinner table as a place to stick their drinks while talking to other people, and people leaning over our freakin' table to get drinks from ANOTHER FREAKIN' TABLE!!!!!!

i love cous cous. love it. wonderful owners, wonderful wait staff, wonderful atmosphere. however - loaded patrons...if you know you're going to take over a restaurant with a bunch of tweed, north face vest, glitter scarf wearing u of r the place out for your event - you have the money, use it.

when our waitress came over to check on us, and i stated that it was the most awkward dinner ever, she packaged the rest of our food to go. awesome - that's why the staff there is second to none.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

guns n' pepper - follow up...

i've tried to cash in on the free dr. pepper here and there for most of the morning - to no avail. their server is overloaded with backhanded freeloaders like myself trying to, well, i don't know what the hell we're trying to do. drop a note if you have any success.

i just stumbled upon this interview with axl rose regarding his thoughts on all this soda nonsense. in his typical m.o., he has nothing pleasant to say:

Friday, November 21, 2008

YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!!, er, diet dr. pepper

back in march, i was thrilled to find out that dr. pepper had offered everyone in the US a free beverage if guns n' roses actually released their much mythologized album "chinese democracy". a ridiculous offer for a ridiculous situation. yes. i love america.

anyway, it appears that the braided assclown that is axl rose will at long last bestow this much heralded album this weekend - ergo, america gets their free candy water. i had imagined circus clowns at every street corner handing out glass bottles of dr. pepper out of some strange abomination of a ice cream truck...but it looks like another anti-climatic situation - you can print out a coupon from the dr. pepper website on sunday.

with today's economy, i'll take what i can get.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

on the road to blue mountain

after some slight delay, we made our way up to blue mountain brewery this afternoon.

90 minute commute, 15 degree temperature drop...oh and 90 minutes of dave's rambling and listening to the back story of my brothers current hangover - boom we're there!

we grabbed some couch space on the back end of the tasting room (wouldn't recommend this...we thought it'd be pole position since it was right next to the powder room...turns out we got to spell hints of doody vapors for the duration of our stay - no worries though!). moving on...we ordered the sampler - enjoyed their flagship full nelson pale ale, as well as their lager, kolsch 151, lights out, and nitro porter. all quality - but still hooked on the pale ale! ridiculous hops in that mothertrucker, and the aroma is really sweet.

we didn't eat any entrees, but gnawed on their pretzels, as well as some chips + guac. everything there is reasonably priced - $5 for the entire beer sampler, $4 for a pint! we walked out of the joint with a case of the full nelson ($30), a t-shirt ($15), and a pint glass ($5).

i'd definitely recommend a trip up there - especially since they distribute thinly throughout the richmond area (only cap ale, commercial taphouse, and retail at river city far as i know). really nice folks, beautiful scenery, and a crazy brewery cat in the parking lot.

oh, and the girls had us stop by pollak vineyards on the way home. the wines were quality, and the tasting room + production facility was splendid (only 6 months old!)...but wine just ain't my bag. heathen beers all the way!

hello? is this thing on?

so, a blog.

i finally joined the ranks of the people who think OTHER people care enough to follow the nonsense they get into day after day. apparently this really happens. i'm fairly certain all this is merely a crack-like addiction - i mean, i think keeping up with the frequency of your friends bowel movements makes you a good friend, right? yeah, lets go with that. we're all lower echelon paparazzi for one another.

anyway, here it goes.